What is the best college in Canada for Business Management?

best college in Canada for Business Management

Business Schools in Canada is providing best quality business education to the undergraduates and graduates. The Joseph L. Rotman School of Management also known as Rotman School of Management is the graduate school of University of Toronto. This business management school is located in Downtown Toronto. Rotman School of Management is the best business management school in Canada. And it has been offering different types of undergraduate programs in business and commerce since 1901 but the school was formally established as the Institute of business administration in 1050s. In 1997’ the school was renamed after the late Joseph L. Rotman’ its principal benefactor.


In 2013’ the Rotman was ranked 3rd in Canada and and 35th worldwide by The Economist MBA rankings.

In 2013’ the Rotman was placed 1st in Canada’46th worldwide and 20th in North America by Financial Time Rankings for MBA program.


Business management schools in Canada are also best known for their faculty. The Rotman School has 72% international faculty. And worldwide its ranked 9th for its research output by Financial Times. Its total faculty members are 113’ out of 113’ 98% have doctorates. The Roger Martin’ who has served as a dean in Rotman is considered as one of the most influential management thinker worldwide. Currently Tift Macklem is the dean and 118 full time teaching staff and lecturers are serving in this college.continue reading..

Programs Offered:

Different business schools in Canada offers different graduates programs. Rotman School of Management offers the following courses for the students:

Graduate programs

Different graduate programs available for MBA students are as follows:

• Rotman full time MBA
• Rotman Morning/Evening MBA
• Rotman Master of Finance
• Rotman Executive MBA
• Other programs

Doctoral Programs

Like other business management schools Rotman also provides doctoral programs in different subjects like finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior’ strategic management and human resource management. It also provides joint degree in management and economics.

Undergraduate programs

Rotman offers different undergraduate programs as well and currently 23000 undergraduates are studying in this business management school.

Non Degree Programs

• Centre for health Sector Strategy
• Creative destruction lab at Rotman
• Capital market institute
• Clarkson centre for business ethics and boards effectiveness


Rotman school of management is situated in the heart of Toronto’s downtown street George Campus. There is a Fleck Atrium’ a large area’ which is used for reception’ special events and other public lectures. The ceiling of the Fleck Atrium is made from glass which creates brightness throughout interior space.

The Business Information Centre is the library of the school. There is also a lab known as Financial Research and Trading lab which is used for various types of competitions. Rotman’s Self Development lab prepares full time MBA students with better interpersonal and communication skills in every kind of problem solving.

best college in Canada for Business Management

In 2005’ the expansion has made in the university building up to the amount of $ 4 billion. Due to this expansion many administrative offices’ faculty offices and meeting rooms are added to each of the 4th and 5th floor of the building.learn more from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lance-saunders-appointed-ddb-canadas-new-national-president-and-coo-300059729.html

The entire above make the Rotman’ the best and top business management school in Canada.

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